Travel FX holiday money

Excellent online exchange rates

MyTravelMoney in association with Travel FX is a specialist dealer in currency providing an alternative to banks, bureaus de change and the Post Office for clients seeking competitive exchange rates.

We will provide you with a fast and efficient online process with no commissions and great rates. We will post your order to you anywhere in the UK insured using a next day delivery service (terms & conditions apply)*.

Great Travel Money Rates

No commission

Travel FX Ltd is a specialist dealer in foreign currency. Our five star reputation for top rates, customer service and reliability are your assurance of a first class service

Cash above £10,000

We are happy to provide cash amounts above £10,000 but we are legally required to carry out full identity checks to complete the transaction. You will need to supply:

  1. Photo I.D.- either a copy of your Passport, Driving licence or officially recognised photo I.D.
  2. A copy of a utility bill ( not mobile phone) or bank statement , less than 3 months old, showing your home address.

Transfers to other banks

For larger amounts and for transfers to bank accounts overseas for such things as house purchase or deposit or if you own a business that needs to pay overseas suppliers we recommend using our Interbank service. Under this service we will send funds directly to the account you nominate and in the currency you require worldwide.

Using this service helps to avoid exchange rate movements on larger sums and the risks associated with them.

To find out more please either call or complete the order form.